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I-80/I-29 Dual, DIvided Freeway

I-80/I-29 Dual, Divided Freeway

Project Location

Council Bluffs, IA

Project Description

During the Tier 1 evaluation of highway design alternatives, it was determined that a dual, divided freeway should be constructed along the overlapping section of I-80/I-29 between the West System Interchange and the East System Interchange. The dual, divided freeway physically separates through traffic on I-80 from traffic on I-29 destined for Council Bluffs, creating I-80 express lanes and I-80/I-29 local lanes. This will be designed by constructing four separate roadways (two roadways for traffic in each direction). Each roadway will be separated by a concrete median barrier.

The dual, divided freeway will offer greater flexibility to travelers and will improve the overall efficiency of the transportation network. For example, it allows traffic to keep moving in both directions of the highway, even if lanes are closed because of a crash or maintenance. The dual, divided freeway permits through traffic to utilize both the express and local lanes, offering more lanes overall to travelers. Currently, the weaving of through traffic and local traffic using the on and off ramps creates congestion, especially during peak traffic hours. The dual, divided freeway separates through traffic from local traffic, eliminating this source of delay.

Video animation 

A video was developed to show how the dual, divided freeway would work. Click on the link below to view the video that was presented during the October 2005 public meeting.

Dual, Divided Freeway Concept

Project Map
Project Map
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)
Current Conditions (Oct 2017)
June 2017 Traffic Shift
June 2017 Traffic Shift

Project Schedule

Phase Ia Construction: 07/2013 — 06/2015
Phase Ib Construction: 11/2013 — 07/2015
Phase II Construction: 01/2017 — 01/2019
Phase III Construction: 08/2019 — 08/2021

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Project Name: I-80/I-29 Dual, Divided Freeway
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Trail Closure Information

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I-80/I-29 - Proposed Dual Divided Freeway

Design Overview Video

I-80/I-29 Existing Conditions
Proposed I-80/I-29 Dual Divided Highway

Other Construction

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